Chubby Baker

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Flavor Profiles:

Strawnana: This is that Fruity, Creamy blend you've been looking for. The perfect mix of Strawberries and Banana with a little something extra.
Nerdee Baker: Fresh out the box or bottle I mean, It is your favorite Treat.
Baker's Melons: The summer Melon Fruit mix that's guaranteed to be your all day vape.
The Bakers Dozen: A Creamy Blueberry Vanilla Cupcake. So good you'll wish you had 12 more.
Baker's Islands: A Tropical blend of 4 fruits infused into a Pina Colada that will make you feel like you're on beach.
Iceland's: The same Chubby's Islands you love with a menthol kicker.
Banana Nut Bread: Warm fresh out of the oven Banana Nut Bread topped with a Vanilla Cinnamon Cream that will have you running back for more.
Kaiju Island: This highlights a sweet Tropical Fruit blend with a dash of blue Raspberry and Citrus all
combined into a Pina Colada that is as amazing as it sounds.