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The DRAG series is always in the creation of performance and aesthetics of all possible. So far, the compact but powerful DRAG S has been born. It will re-frame your sensory experience with New Chips, Leather Materials, Interesting Score Mode, etc. 

New Generation GENE.TT Chip

2500mAh Built-in Battery

Innovative Infinite Airflow System

Original SCORE Ranking Mode

Compatible with all PnP Coils

Adjustable Power 5-60W

COMFORTABLE DESIGN ON FINGERTIPS - The ergonomic arc design of the DRAG S perfectly matches the curvature of the fingers. Pick it up and you'll feel it's exactly what you're looking for.

SEE, TOUCH, FEEL THE BEAUTY - The fusion of metal and leather is a bold attempt of the DRAG S. Leather is not only soft and comfortable, but also has the natural advantages of being anti-scratch, antiperspirant, and anti-fingerprint.

RACING LIMITED EDITION - The global limited edition incorporates the elegant and flamboyant design concept of sports cars, all of which is derived from the craze desire of DRAG for innovation, speed, and personality.

INCREDIBLE NEW GENE.TT CHIP - GENE.TT, the perfect combination of performance and fun, has the powerful performance of fast ignition and high burst, and also provides intelligent functions such as PUFF and SCORE ranking mode.

FEEL THE SPEED - The small size of the DRAG S contains huge energy. The adjustable 5-60W power can bring you rich flavors and dense clouds in 0.001 seconds.

SO SMART - The DRAG S automatically identifies the inserted coil and matches the best wattage to prevent any misuse.