Drip This Sour Salt Nicotine Salt E-Liquid 30ML

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Blue Raspberry
 An exquisite tasting e-juice that provides a satisfying cloud after every puff. After a puff of sour blue raspberry, you’ll experience why we’re called Drip This. 

A grape formulation that delivers robust flavor with every draw. Puff sweet and tart flavors upon inhaling then release fantastic clouds on exhale with Drip This. 

Green Apple 
A crisp and bright green apple flavor from Drip This. Once you drench your cotton with this e-juice, refreshing puffs of vapor follow. 

A taste bud tantalizing premium e-juice in sour mango. Each plume of vapor supplies robust tropical flavors that refresh with every puff.

Sweet plumes of sweet berry flavors. Puffing this e-juice provides the cloud density you love and delicious strawberry notes. 

A splash of sweet, juicy flavors with a puff of sour watermelon. Once the premium e-juice has soaked your cotton, enjoy refreshing watermelon notes provided by Drip This.