Klear Kryptonite Extractor Cleaner - 470ml

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Kryptonite Original Formula glass cleaner, the only cleaner specifically designed for herb and oil smokers. Kryptonite 470 ml is the premium cleaning product to purchase if you’re looking for a simple solution to cleaning your water pipe, dab rag, extraction tubes or your kitchen sink. It will fully clean whatever accessory you are trying to clean the first time without having to boil water, shake salt, or endure harsh chemical smells. Kryptonite is the lowest VOC cleaner on the market today (<3% VOC). Kryptonite is also the only cleaner that passed Colorado Health and Safety Board’s tests and is used by smoke shop businesses all over the United States to clean their displays and curing jars because Kryptonite glass and bong cleaner doesn’t leave behind chemical residues like alcohol does. The results are crystal KLEAR!

• 470ML

• <3% VOC

• Quick and easy to use