Leviathan Ejuice by Hometown Hero 60ml 0MG ONLY

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AbyssIf you enjoy bold, fresh fruit flavors, this is one abyss that will have you wandering astray, hoping to get lost. Go ahead - lose yourself in lush clouds of marinated, grilled and spiced pineapple rings. Abyss is a fruit-forward treat with severe complexity and intrigue.

Fathoms - 

Can you fathom a delicious blend of mango, ripe strawberries and yogurt with a hint of sea salt?

Fruit purists, sweet-toothed scalawags, and those with highly sophisticated tastes will love this blissful mix.


As the name suggests, Depths is a rich and decadent complex dessert vape you won’t be able to put down.

The moment you open this bottle and smell that torched brown sugar and butterscotch, you’ll know this is a flavor you’ll have within arms reach at all times.

Underneath that initial sweetness is a layer of full-bodied vanilla caramel crème brulée with a touch of sea salt.

If you like creamy desserts, this will be your new favorite ejuice. If you don’t, this is the one that may change your mind.