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TNT - Who would've thought to take succulent strawberries, ripe apples, the juiciest peaches known to man and mix them together? Time Bomb Vapors created a vape juice that made heads explode. 

As you inhale Time Bomb TNT, the first taste to hit your taste buds is the strawberry vape juice. This strawberry flavor is so on point it'll send your mind into a whirlwind. Then, the ripened to perfection apple taste mixes with the strawberry into a salivating inducing taste. As you exhale, two things happen. One, the peach flavor gets thrown into the mix, and two it fuses with the strawberry and apple flavor to create a vape juice that has the perfect amount of sweetness and will make your mouth water with the juicy taste it creates.


TNT Ice - same as above but with menthol.