Yocan X Pod w/ Mouthpiece 5pk

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Yocan X Pod w/ Mouthpiece 5pk

The Yocan X Replacement Pod is designed and engineered specifically for the Yocan X Kit a likewise brand-new device from Yocan’s arsenal. The X Pod has a side airflow design and a sealed bottom for a leak-proof design, both providing the user with the best vaping experience. Equipped with a quartz dual coil, you will only get the most pure, crystal clean, smooth essence.

Quartz Dual Coil

Side Airflow Design

Sealed Bottom

Leak-proof Design

The Yocan X Replacement Pod was made with Yocan’s iconic heating element, the quartz dual coils, and was done so because of this very reason. Quartz is a material that acts as a great catalyst for heat. It transfers heat fast and therefore has a relatively fast reaction time allowing it to easily convey the profile you’ve selected in the battery’s setting. The quartz dual coils are a time-tested heating element and have been widely used in many Yocan products. You can rely on this heating element to deliver satisfying hits – the kind you’d get from an actual dab pen. That’s why the quartz dual coil is the best choice for the Yocan X Replacement Pod.